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Property buying vs Rent in GTA

Posted by on March 14, 2022

Advantages of renting a property

  • Maintenance would be less as compared to own a property
  • Easy to switch Property

Advantages of buying a property

  • Payments are add-on to asset.
  • Property appreciation by the time
  • Free to make changes

Those with a small down payment may prefer to rent rather than buy a home. But mostly, people who can afford to make a down payment would prefer to buy a property. Normally a house worth of 700K with 3 bed rooms and finished basement in Toronto neighbourhood goes on rent at 2500 dollars a month on the other hand if a buyer make 20% down payment, will be paying approximately 2500 dollars a month as mortgage amount.

So the bottomline is, if you don’t have a down payment, want to live a risk-free life, and do not live in any area consistently, then you must rent a home.

But if you can afford a down payment, want to pay mortgage for your own property rather than someone else’s, and want to make an investment, then you must buy a home.

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